Q: What is Wool Fresh?

We are a healthcare company.

We make a comfortable, sustainable and beautiful sock for people with foot issues. 

Each pair custom-fits to you. 

We use soft, natural ingredients.

We handcraft every pair in New Zealand to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship. 

Q: How does this help with foot soreness?

We add extra cushioning to the footbed.

This helps reduce some discomfort.

Q: How does this help swelling?

We add light compression which may reduce swelling.

Q: How does this help with poor circulation?

We use a stretchy and durable elastic around the cuff.

This provides a loose and comfortable fit.

Q: How does this help sweaty feet?

The natural fibers in our socks wick away moisture.

This helps keep feet dry.

Q: How does this help smelly feet?

The natural fibers in our socks help remove odor.

This helps keep feet smelling fresh.

Q: How thick are these?

Wool Fresh is thicker than normal athletic and dress socks.

The extra thickness will still fit into any shoe or boot.

Q: Why so expensive?

We use the highest quality of natural materials and craftsmanship.

We deliver a product that performs when and where it’s needed most.

Q. I have a wide foot with a high instep and wonder if I will have trouble getting these on?

Nope. We’ve designed Wool Fresh to be very easy to slip on and take off.

Our elastic is stretchy.

This means the top of the sock will not leave marks on your skin. 

Q. Can you wear these running or playing sports? Do they cause blisters.

Yes, you can wear these when playing sports without worry of getting blisters.

Wool Fresh is durable and has extra reinforcements in the heel and toe areas.

This means they will not get holes.

Q. Can you sleep while wearing these socks?

Yes, you can sleep in Wool Fresh.

Wool Fresh does a great job in regulating temperature.

This means your feet feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

Q. Is the material stretchy? 

Yes, Wool Fresh is very stretchy so they are easy to put on. 

Q. How do I wash Wool Fresh? 

Machine wash cold, line dry. Please do not bleach or put in the dryer. 

Q: How long to make / ship my socks?

We operate a small factory in New Zealand.

We make small batches of socks within 6 weeks or less.

Once done, we ship them direct to your door. 

See our shipping details page for more information