How Wool Fresh Works

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We turned custom orthotics into a sock that stays fresh for 30 days (individual results vary).


Anyone who needs pain relief.


Anyone who wants to save money on laundry and from buying new socks (Wool Fresh does not get holes or crusty). 


$400+ custom orthotics are expensive.

Wool Fresh is a low-cost, natural alternative for arch support, improved circulation, and all-day comfort.


80% Wool Fresh wool & 20% LYCRA®.


Our latest innovation took 3 years to develop. We sourced specialty ingredients. We made a proprietary fabric. We developed an innovative construction technique.

This allowed us to make a hybrid sock / orthotic that provides therapeutic benefits for foot and ankle problems.


The three key components are: 

1. Memory Wool with a Redesigned Footbed

Memory Wool acts similar to memory foam. It's sensitive to temperature, pressure and moisture, which allows our footbed to mold to your foot while inside of the shoe. This provides personalized cushioning and support for injured feet and ankles. 

2. Energy Bands with Light Compression

The light compression helps blood flow from the foot to the heart. This helps reduce swelling in the foot and ankle from standing or sitting for long hours. 

3. Specialty Ingredients (Introducing Wool Fresh wool)

Wool Fresh wool is a specialty wool that is unique to New Zealand. It does an excellent job in soothing common aches and pains. The natural properties regulate body temperature for an environment to aid in recovery.

Wool Fresh wool also keeps you smelling fresh after multiple days of wear. 

Watch the video below for more information. 

Click for us to knit you a pair.

Click for us to knit you a pair.


1. How long can I wear them in a day?

You can wear them as long as you wish. Put them on in the morning and take them off at night without adverse health effects.

2. What’s the compression rating?

The Professional has a 11-15 mmHg rating. This was rated independently as Mild Compression by the Manufacturing Solution Center in North Carolina.

3. Does it have arch supports?

Yes. Both the Freelancer and the Professional has arch supports. This is great for those with flat feet or high arches.

4. How tall are the socks / do they go over the knee?

The Professional is 12’’ inches tall. They do not go over the knee. You could also fold them over the top of boots.

5. I have a wide foot with a high instep and wonder if I will have trouble getting these on?

Nope. We’ve designed Wool Fresh to be very easy to slip on and take off. The elastic in the top of the sock will not leave marks on your skin.

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6. How thick are these?

Wool Fresh is thicker than normal athletic and dress socks. The extra thickness will still fit into any shoe or boot.

7. What type of material is it?

80% Wool Fresh wool and 20% Lycra. 

8. Will Wool Fresh help with lower back pain as well?

Wool Fresh addresses foot and ankle injuries. Wool Fresh may help relieve lower back pain because our socks help reduce general foot fatigue, which can cause body misalignment and lead to back pain.

9. Can you sleep while wearing these socks?

Yes, you can sleep in Wool Fresh. They will regulate temperature as well.

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10. Is the material stretchy? 

Yes, Wool Fresh is very stretchy so they are easy to put on.

11. Can you wear these running or playing sports? Do they cause blisters.

Yes you can wear these when playing sports. Wool Fresh is durable to not get holes. It will also not cause blisters.

12. Why does Wool Fresh only come in black?

At Wool Fresh we think minimalism and comfort is key, therefore we have avoided overt branding and focused on quality. Black sock are classic and will fit with any uniform requirements.

13. How do I wash Wool Fresh?

Machine wash cold, line dry. Please do not bleach. Please do not put in the dryer.


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